Moyno Pump

Moyno, Inc. is a global leader in the design and development of the progressing cavity pump. Its technological advancements have resulted in superior fluids handling solutions for a wide range of applications including water-like liquids and shear-sensitive fluids, as well as viscous, abrasive, solids-laden slurries and sludges.
Through advanced, in-house research and development, experienced engineers apply innovative design enhancements that differentiate Moyno products from the competition. The resulting enhanced customer value stems from the combination of proprietary Moyno Ultra® Technologies and extensive application knowledge.

In addition to handling transfer, feed and metering applications with its extensive line of Moyno, R&M progressing cavity pumps, Moyno also offers proprietary equipment and systems for multiphase fluid transfer applications. Patented Moyno single-shaft and twin-shaft grinders are also available for effective solids reduction.

Moyno, Inc. maintains the largest in-field inventory of progressing cavity pumps and genuine Moyno replacement parts in North America through a premier distribution network. This network is linked via an intranet to ensure availability and minimize downtime. Well-trained and experienced, the Moyno distribution network offers a variety of preventative maintenance, service and repair services. It's all part of the Moyno package that provides low total cost of ownership and true customer value.


Why Moyno

The principle of operation upon which the progressing cavity pump is based is deceptively simple. Available in either a 1:2 or 2:3 ratio configuration, Moyno progressing cavity pumps' key components are the rotor and stator. The rotor is an external helix precision machined from high-strength steel. The stator is an internal helix molded of tough, abrasion-resistant elastomer, permanently bonded within an alloy steel tube. The stator always has one more helix than the rotor to facilitate the progressing cavity pumping action. As the rotor turns within the stator, cavities are formed which progress from the suction to the discharge end of the pump, conveying the process fluid. The continuous seal line between the rotor and the stator helices keeps the fluid moving steadily at a fixed flow rate proportional to the pump's rotational speed.


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