GRACO Peristaltic Pumps

Graco's EP Series Hose pump designs utilize a single oversized roller that compresses a low friction hose through a full 360 degrees of rotation. This innovative design means longer hose life when pumping caustic, abrasive or sensitive materials for metering or transfer. Learn More »

GRACO Piston Pumps

Graco's durable, 2-ball and 4-ball piston pumps have survived the test of time. Graco's air motors are long lasting and provides constant fluid flow and pressure with minimal pulsation. Learn More »

RENNER RM Magnetically Coupled Centrifugal Pumps

 RM magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps without shaft seal, made of PP, PVDF, PPS (Ryton®) or stainless steel. Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps are mainly used for industrial applications. Learn More »

PACO End Suction Single Stage Pumps

The PACO line of end suction, single stage pumps serves as the industry standard in performance, quality, and durability. With an expanded selection of 32 sizes available, the PACO line of pumps is the smart choice for a number of reasons: Learn More »

GRACO Sanitary Pumping Solutions

Graco's SaniForce line moves material faster, increases efficiency and pumps a wide range of viscosties from fruit juices to peanut butter. Our sanitary pump line includes: Air operated double diaphragm pumps Piston transfer pumps Drum and bin unloaders High pressure cleaning equipment Learn More »


 The UNIBLOC®-PD Positive Displacement Pump is developed to meet the high standard and request for the pharmaceutical, food/beverage, dairy, chemical, mobile tanker and other industries. Learn More »

FLUX Sanitary Pumps

Advanced pump design, ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry. Each sanitary pump can be stripped down in no time for cleaning and/or sterilization. Also available with 3A certification. Learn More »

FLUX Vertical Centrifugal Immersion Pumps

With high delivery rates and heads, FLUX centrifugal immersion pumps com-bine maximum efficiency with a robust and reliable construction, resulting in a pump that provides the ultimate in process security, especially for transferring corrosive or abrasive fluids. Main fields of application are the chemical industry, chemical engineering, electroplating, PCB manufacturing, fresh and waste water treatment. Learn More »

GIW Industries

 The LCC Rubber-Lined Series features a split-casing design with molded, replaceable rubber liners. The molded liner may be specified in a variety of natural and synthetic rubbers. Natural gum rubber is standard. The liners offer a shore A hardness of 30-40 with a tensile strength minimum of 2,700 psi (18 n/mm2). Learn More »


Since 1972, Liquiflo has manufactured high-quality Gear Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps, specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the chemical industry. Liquiflo pumps are made from high-alloy materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy-C, Alloy-20 and Titanium. By offering a large selection of corrosion-resistant internal materials and multiple sealing options - such as mechanical seals and magnetic-drives - Liquiflo pumps are capable of pumping a wide range of chemicals - including acids, caustics, solvents and polymers - over a wide range of conditions. Learn More »