Heat Transfer


Tranter brings compact heat transfer solutions to customers worldwide, backed by local service coverage. Advanced plate heat exchangers spanning a wide product range offer proven performance in broad applications involving liquids, gases, steam and two-phase flows. Learn More »

Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers

The Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger provides outstanding efficiency transferring heat from one liquid to another or from steam to liquid. Learn More »

Tranter Shell & Plate Welded Heat Exchangers

The Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger is designed as a performance upgrade over shell & tube, block-type welded and brazed aluminum heat exchangers. Learn More »

Tranter Spiral Heat Exchangers

Spiral heat exchangers with their compact, single channel design are ideally suited for outstanding thermal and uptime performance in these duties. Learn More »

Tranter Prime Surface Heat Exchangers

Tranter PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers deliver efficient and uniform thermal control in immersion duty; jacketing vessels, reactors or dryer shells; within fluidized beds or configured as gas phase heat recovery banks. Learn More »

Delta Cooling Towers

Delta Cooling Towers, Inc. was founded to manufacture and market the initial concept of a maintenance free seamless one-piece non-corrosive Polyethylene cooling towers, and sold its first unit in June 1971. Learn More »


Revolutionary Concept & Design in Heat Exchanger Technology Learn More »

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